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SDCFCA Communication Section

Welcome to the San Diego County Fire Chiefs' Association (SDCFCA) Communications Section Web page.

The Communications Section is a subsidiary of the SDCFCA. Our Section is devoted to assisting in, and providing leadership for the continued advancement of fire service communications in San Diego County while better serving the citizens, and in providing its membership with an opportunity to participate in and contribute to the enhancement of fire service communications through professionalism and standardization of training throughout the County of San Diego.

The Communications Section's goal is to attract representatives from the full spectrum of fire service communications--large and small, fire only, police/fire, and other local, state, federal, and industrial agencies. We have training officers, supervisors, and managers participating in the group.

Mission Statement:

Initiative: Increase the consistent sharing of Public Safety Communication information among all of the Fire Communications Centers in the San Diego region.

Goals: Meet on a monthly basis to discuss standing agenda items such as:

2010-2011 Communications Section Board

Lesli Wilson
North County Dispatch JPA

Chip Yarborough
Heartland Communications

Tracy Gracia
San Diego Fire-Rescue

Communications Section
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